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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.


“Our kind of customer-focused customization is only possible when your team is dedicated to exploring every alternative out there. And that's exactly what Driven Solutions does.”

Delvin EdwardsAssistant Vice President
Driven Solutions


When people are driven, the status quo is never an option. You are always reinventing, evolving and perfecting. This could well explain why Driven Solutions is playing a bigger and bigger role in government. Today, we are helping federal, local and state governments reduce overhead, inefficiencies and unnecessary waste. Our services include fleet logistics, heavy duty roadside assistance and other required roadside services.

We are not only good, we’re flexible. Our team has worked to modify and customize our roadside services and fleet logistics for government certification to meet the requirements of a variety of state, local and federal agencies.

Fleet Logistics for Government

Want to reduce unnecessary waste of taxpayer money? Put our fleet logistics team on the case. We have a track record for delivering a 23 to 1 return on investment. But that’s just the beginning.

Our business development team brings together years of experience hand-tailoring fleet logistics for government. We listen closely to assess the government agency’s needs. Then we partner together to design a program that delivers against them. We assign a Client Manager who shepherds the process from start to finish. We provide detailed reporting and consolidated invoicing.

Our certified, solutions-oriented experts hand-select best-in-class logistical providers to oversee the entire process. We provide fast services at a fair price with a network than spans all of North America. Plus, every vehicle is given an extra layer of insurance to protect from any unintended damage or wear. Nobody is more driven to ensure a higher level of fleet logistics for government.

Heavy Duty Roadside Assistance

Federal, state and local government agencies continue to look to Driven Solutions for excellence in heavy duty roadside assistance. Why contract directly with service providers, when Driven Solutions can handle the negotiations and get you the best price? We bring together multiple heavy duty roadside assistance vendors and provide a third party management platform to ensure full neutrality.

As one of the nation’s leaders in assisting with vehicular breakdowns, our fully owned and operated call centers put drivers in touch with a living, caring human being­––not some computerized answering machine. Our high standards and large heavy duty network deliver fast service at a fair price. Plus, our cycle time reduction help maximize JIT freight schedules.

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