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4 Really Good Loyalty Programs To Learn From


4 loyalty programs


4 Really Good Loyalty Programs To Learn From

Whether a customer is in need of roadside assistance or simply a cup of coffee, savvy and time strapped customers are using loyalty programs to solve problems.  

Let's look at moms, after all there are 85.4 million moms  according to the most recent Census Bureau data. And moms have a spending power of $2.1 trillion and influence 85% of all household purchases. More important to your loyalty program,  81% of moms say they’d buy and engage with stores more if they were to be rewarded with loyalty points says PunchTab’s 2013 Scoring Points With Mom report.

And, it looks like not only moms will be closely evaluating their purchases. According to 10 Predictions For How Shopping Will Completely Change In The Future, as the middle class shrinks and consumerism shifts toward living with less, consumers will evaluate their purchases more closely. 

Customers see the value in loyalty programs, however brands are having to overcome substantial resistance. More and more purchasers have come to realize countless loyalty programs are offered for the purpose of storing valuable and private information with little or confusing reward. As consumers continue to evaluate purchases, loyalty programs will want to enhance their offering to meet consumers needs.

Knowing how to enhance your loyalty program to meet today's customer is a win-win for your customers and you. Fret not, we're here to help. We did some research to learn from the best. Enjoy.

1 In theFood and Beverage industry?

My Starbucks Reward program is a treat. Customers register a Starbucks Card online or download the mobile app.  Members earn "Stars" as opposed to points and earn 1 Star per purchase. Earned Stars are stored within a member's profile and redeemed later for free refills, drinks, food items and more. With a members first purchase after registering, they earn 1 free drink on their birthday! Just knowing the My Starbucks Rewards has already paid for itself is a generous delight.

Take home: Be generous; yet cost effective.

2 In the Retail Trade industry?

Target's  loyalty program is dynamic. Customers sign up for Target's REDcard as either a debit or credit card and start saving with the first purchase. Once registered, members get 5% off every item, every day; items like road trip supplies. Members also enjoy free shipping and an extra 30 days for returns. Members can even stack the REDcard 5% off with other deals. To make stacking deals easy, if you're not into couponing just having Target's Cartwheel app pays off.

Take home: Allow for deal stacking; go deeper with existing customers.

3 In the Hospitality industry?

Marriott's rewards program parallels their accommodating nature. Marriott Rewards has been ranked #1 in Best Hotel Rewards Programs by U.S. News. Marriott includes a number of hotels within their rewards network as well as a variety of properties, national coverage and other benefits. 18 Marriott brands are included within the Marriott Rewards program including Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard, Marriott, Renaissance and Residence Inn. Got a Chase Visa Marriott Rewards credit card? You can even earn additional points. As hotel stays, room upgrades, spa treatments, dining, flights, and merchandise are earned patrons are reminded of Marriott's considerate character.

Take home: Provide variety; cast a wider net.                       

4 In the Grocery Stores industry? 

With a Safeway or Dominick's Fresh Values Card members earn 1 point for every dollar spent on groceries or pharmacy, or 2 points for every dollar spent on qualifying gift cards. With 100 points members get $0.10 off per gallon of gas and with 200 points members get $0.20 off per gallon of gas at Safeway and Dominick's gas stations, as well as most Mobil stations! Shopping at grocery stores is a cost of living, as is purchasing gas. Safeway and Dominick's has found a way to make the cost of living less costly while reminding customers ''they get it.''

Take home: Find complementary offers; keep customers coming back. 

Commonalities between successful loyalty programs center on facilitating a relationship with customers. To do this, more and more loyalty programs feature mobile access, ease of use, generous rewards and customer centered benefits. Find out what you want customers to hear about you, then say it with your loyalty program.

And, there it is. We're so glad you joined us on this road trip across the land of loyalty programs.  Did we miss something? Do you have a favorite loyalty program not mentioned? Give us your input; submit your thoughts and favorites.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing! 


Driven Solutions Logo, Small A little about us. Here at Driven Solutions we believe offering roadside assistance is a generous, yet cost-effective reward to enhance almost any loyalty program. Driven Solutions roadside assistance programs are different in that coverage follows the member regardless of what automobile they're in or where they're located.



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