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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Five reasons flexible solutions are the best solutions


Flexible policy

You remember your first Slinky? Hours of entertainment watching that colorful little gizmo descend a staircase or leap off a chair! The key to this timeless toy is, of course, flexibility. It moves as gracefully off a table as off a curbside. Rigid solutions are not like that. They work effectively, day in, day out, as long as the requirements remain the same, the manpower remains the same and the expectations remain the same. But most businesses today are looking for greater flexibility.

This is why more and more companies are retooling their processes and partnerships to provide for greater flexibility and adaptability. Which brings us to outsourcing logistics and roadside assistance. Here are some of the advantages to outsourcing you should consider:

Reduce overhead

By outsourcing logistics and roadside assistance, a business can save a boatload of cash. Rather than paying the salaries and benefits of people who are busy one day and idle the next, outsourcing allows you to pay for people only when you need them.


  1. A laser-focused customer service operation

    Unless you want to be in the roadside assistance business, why have your customer service reps doing double duty? Have them focus on your company’s primary business, whether it’s insurance, financial services, or retail. The more they focus on your sweet spot, the better they will enhance the customer experience. Outsource emergency roadside distress calls to a team that is geared for these sorts of emergencies.
  2. Stay nimble

    Can a retail company like yours manage a roadside assistance or logistics operation in-house? If so, fine; but this is a gargantuan task. Bigger is not always better. Roadside assistance has a lot of moving parts: running a call center, coordinating wrecker services, maintaining customer relations, liability management, establishing and growing a nationwide network. Outsourcing these services can help a company stay lean and nimble. It gives you the benefits of flexibility.

  3. A win-win

    In the retail industry, service is the name of the game. By focusing your sales force, your customer service reps, and your management on your business central goals, you can service your customers more effectively. By choosing a logistics and roadside assistance network that excels in customer service, you allow their expert team to focus on your customer when they break down or are involved in a vehicular accident. This way service never suffers on either end.

  4. Stay in control

    A good emergency roadside resource will allow a certain level of customization. By defining your terms and goals, you surrender the headache without surrendering control. Shop around until you find a roadside provider that gives you the level of control and customization that you require.


Let us show you how Driven Solutions can help your retail operation function more smoothly, save you on overhead and improve your customer satisfaction. To learn more, contact our business development team online or call us at 866.688.2520.