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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Our Clients

We’re more than confident––we’re driven. This can-do attitude fuels everything we do. It’s why, today, we successfully deliver custom roadside assistance solutions for a range of Fortune 500 companies in a wide array of industries. From the automotive industry and financial services arena to insurance, government and transportation, our team is driven to deliver smartly tailored packages customized to you and your customer. We work together to understand your purpose and make it our passion.

Driven Clients


“Forget cookie cutter solutions. Customization is as much an art as a science. Our team of roadside assistance professionals listen harder. We sweat the details. The end result is a roadside assistance services that precisely fits the client’s needs.“

Kevin BluittClient Manager
Driven Solutions

We deliver the best for our clients and the best for their customers. Every step of the way, from our conversation to the final detail of our transition. Down to a customer service team that treats your customers like our family. This is what driven is all about.

Customized Travel Protection and Roadside Assistance for Insurance Companies

Driven Solutions offers innovative roadside assistance and secondary towing for insurance companies and their policyholders. Helping insurance companies save money and time––while increasing efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction––is a Driven Solutions specialty.

At Driven Solutions, we've always been independent thinkers and doers, and our independence works to the advantage of our insurance clients. Because we're not owned or operated by an insurance company, we put your company's best interests at the top of our list of priorities.  We're here to support you, not compete with you. Contact a Driven Solutions professional to get details on our customized auto clubs, emergency collision, secondary towing and basic roadside assistance for insurance companies.

Customized Travel Protection and Roadside Assistance for Automotive Companies

Over the years, Driven Solutions has provided the best in ancillary auto protection and 24-hour roadside assistance for large automotive manufacturers, as well as dealer organizations. We understand the auto industry and work overtime to deliver products that fit your vehicle service contracts and give your customers greater peace of mind. Our warranty expertise lets us effortlessly bundle and combine packages that include emergency roadside assistance, windshield protection, tire and wheel repair, paintless dent removal and key replacement. We are driven to provide the best in ancillary roadside and extended auto protection. We are driven to work harder and think smarter. We are driven to give you our best. Time after time. Day in, day out. To find out more, contact one of our Driven Solutions sales representatives.

Customized Travel Protection and Roadside Assistance for Consumer Finance

We help consumer finance companies increase revenue and hold down operational costs. For years, Driven Solutions has helped the financial sector develop customized roadside and travel protection programs to make lending institutions feel valued. Our travel protection services and roadside assistance programs include everything a lending institution needs from automotive protection, travel club, credit card and insurance products to valuable services like mechanic expert opinion lines, car rental, discounts, hotel/motel discounts, trip routing, emergency airline or train service, enhanced concierge services and reimbursement assistance.

Heavy Duty Transport

For years we have helped Improve operational effiencies and generate new income for a variety of clients with our heavy duty transport products. Our extensive network of heavy duty towing units and specialized operators ensure our heavy duty clients that large scale trucks, tractors, vans and buses can be dispatched with worry or incident. Plus, our call center provides you heavy duty break-downs with a compassionate, live voice to render aid the moment the incident occurs. Discover how our heavy duty transport services can reduce a business’ costs and overhead, whiling improving everyone’s level of satisfaction.

Logistical Services for Government

Over the years, we have overseen and facilitated logistics for state, local and federal governments. Today, governments at the state and local level are having to tighten their belts and adjust their budgets. Driven Solutions’ logistical services are designed to help you hold down operational costs and improve overall efficiencies. Our nimble team of problem solvers have thought outside of the box to transport bus fleets, truck fleets and other heavy duty equipment without delay. Utilizing our logistics services can save governments money and increase their operation’s overall efficiency.

The Benefits of Working with Driven Solutions.

Here are some of the ways our roadside assistance for insurance companies, insurance agencies, auto manufacturers, government entities and the consumer financial sector can impact your business and assist your customers and policyholders.

By providing your customers roadside assistance programs that live up to their expectations, you enhance your brand, deepen customer relationships and improve overall retention. With Driven Solutions, caring, living, breathing customer service is only a phone call away. This makes your customers feel more valued.

By delivering a reliable network of roadside professionals across North America and beyond, your customers will esteem your company higher than ever. By adding our array of innovative roadside and ancillary automotive services to your customer offering, you can improve your brand’s differentation to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Satisfied customers are willing to pay a little more to get a little more. By enhancing your roadside offering, you can charge a premium and grow your revenue streams. When you put Driven Solutions to work for your business, you will not only see increased revenue but the added efficiencies that impacts your internal processes and manpower demands.

In the final analysis, outsourcing these important roadside assistance and customer services to a trusted partner makes all the sense in the world. You have less worries and greater rewards.Plus,Driven Solutions skilled client manager allows you to keep your internal team small.

Why not put our vast network of roadside assistance providers to work for your customers today? Find out what the Driven Solutions team can do for your business. Contact us now.

"Driven Solutions offers customers a superior level of attentive, user-friendly customer service"

Brian Sardelich
Manager, Consumer Card Relationships
Chevron USA, Inc

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