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Over the years, Driven Solutions has provided the best in ancillary auto protection and 24-hour roadside assistance for some of the biggest Fortune 500 automotive manufacturers and dealer organizations.


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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Ancillary Services

Want to build customer loyalty? Want to increase revenue? Then you want Driven Solutions ancillary services. It's a long list. And it's growing. It's a group of ancillary products that have made us the leading provider of roadside assistance, auto protection, travel protection and more. These ancillary products can be hand-tailored to your specific needs, goals and objectives. 

“Flexibility. Adaptablity. That’s what you get when you do business with Driven Solutions. Inifinite combinations hand-tailored to meet your company’s needs.”

Elisabeth Agalaba, Training Assistant
Driven Solutions

From Auto Protection to Primary Accident Towing Products, We Do It All.

We can design a plan as standard and bare bones as basic towing, or one that covers everything. Whether you are an insurance company, insurance agency, consumer finance company, auto company, or extended warrantor, our ancillary products encompasses the total spectrum of vehicle classifications: Personal autos, trucks, RVs, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, even dump trucks. In fact, Driven Solutions is the only auto club to service all vehicle classes. Surprised? You shouldn't be. After all, we've been driven and driving business for our clients since 1948. And our products deliver the kind of practical value and protection that customers deserve. Our auto protection products include everything from paintless dent repair to key remote replacement. You can design plan that includes auto theft protection, personal protection, secondary towing and more. Plus, we can even help you tailor a plan that encompasses fleet management logistics, vehicle shuttling and more. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Driven Products:

•  Roadside Assistance
•  Emergency Collision Towing
•  Primary Accident Towing
•  Secondary Towing
•  Paintless Dent Repair
•  Windshield Protection
•  Key Remote Replacement
•  Tire and Wheel Protection
•  Auto Theft Protection
•  Fleet Management Logistics
•  Highway Lane Clearance
•  Tractor-Trailer Off-Load
•  Vehicle Transport Terminals
•  Vehicle Shuttling
•  Auto Protection
•  Personal Protection
•  Emergency Medical Travel Insurance (available in Canada only)
•  Accidental Death and Dismemberment Bundled with Roadside Assistance
•  Common Carrier Accidental Death Bundled with Roadside Assistance


(Not available in all states. Some restrictions apply.)

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