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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Our History

When you're driven, you don't spend a lot of time staring in the rearview mirror. But that’s not to say that Driven Solutions doesn't have a long history of accomplishments.

“Our team of roadside assistance professionals brings to bear 60+ years of experience and insight to every situation. We tailor our roadside products to deliver the perfect business solution for your company’s unique set of needs.”

Staley CashExecutive Vice President, Operations
Driven Solutions

Roadside Assistance Providers with Years of Innovation

Few travel protection service innovators or roadside assistance providers have a richer history. Our Canadian roots go back to 1948 as Dominion Automobile Association (DAA). In America, our roots date back to 1968 as Associates Auto Club Services. In 1971, our name was changed to the United States Auto Club, Motoring Division. Most recently, we were known as Drive America in the U.S. and as DAA in Canada. Today, we’re taking all of our insight and innovation and serving it up as Driven Solutions.

No matter what name you knew us as, our team has consistently upheld a reputation for smart, custom-tailored travel protection services, custom auto clubs and roadside assistance provider solutions. Solutions that have helped customers like yours out of the proverbial ditch. Solutions that have added value to auto manufacturers. Solutions that have leveraged loyalty for insurance companies. Solutions that have fortified the financial industry’s affinity programs and expanded the perks of travel clubs. Solutions that have broadened the benefits for consumer financial groups, insurance agencies, auto manucfacturers, government and more. Innovative solutions like heavy duty and secondary towing –– born out of smart thinking, hard work and attentive listening.

North America and Beyond

Today, Driven Solutions is licensed in Canada, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. In the U.S. and U.S. territories, we conduct business with 21,000 towing and roadside assistance providers, with 5,200 preferred quality providers servicing over 95% of our volume. In Canada, Driven Solutions conducts business with over 8,000 towing and service providers, with 2,000 preferred quality providers.

A Legacy of Customer Service

From our earliest days, Driven Solutions has been committed to delivering customer service that is always a cut above. And that is not about to change. We make sure that when your customers calls, they get a person, not an never-ending series of prompts. We have never allowed automation to rob the end user of immediate contact with a living, breathing, compassionate service rep. We make certain that the individual on our end of the line treats you like they would a family member. From our client management team to our customer service agents, Driven Solutions is made of concerned human beings who go the extra mile. After all, if our history has taught us anything, it has taught us that our clients and their customers are our most important assets. 

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