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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Our Story

We’re about more than roadside assistance services or travel protection solutions. We’re about you and your business. We’re about listening closer. We’re about trying harder. Bottomline: we’re about integrity. We understand that providing the best in roadside assistance services and automotive coverage requires a set of strong convictions.

“The thing that sets Driven Solutions apart is our commitment to our client’s goals. We listen closely and we deliver the sort of program that meets the client’s business needs as well as needs of the end-user.”

Bobby Toms, Vice President, Business Development
Driven Solutions

We're driven. And integrity has the wheel.

Being driven is only a virtue if you operate with integrity. And you can expect full-throttled integrity from every Driven Solutions team member as we collaborate with you to make every program and package the absolute best it can be.

Roadside Assistance Services. Limitless Possibilities.

When you’re driven, roadside assistance services can’t help but go further. The Driven Solutions team works with you and your business to tailor our roadside assistance services to fit your needs. We get to know your business objectives and we craft our services accordingly.

We understand roadside comes in many different forms: basic roadside assistance, heavy duty towing, secondary towing, logistics––you name it! Our team can put together the program you need to attract new customers or satisfy current ones. We can create custom travel clubs, logistical services, travel routing services and more.

The possibilities are limitless! From automotive protection, travel club, travel protection services to valuable add-on services like mechanic expert opinion lines, car rental, hotel/motel discounts, trip routing, emergency airline or train service and reimbursement assistance. Plus, we can even help you tailor a plan that encompasses fleet management logistics, vehicle shuttling and more.

What you get is more loyal customers, increased efficiency, a greater return on your investment and more.

Ahead of the curve is our destination

When you're driven, the status quo belongs in the rearview mirror. That's why we are continually streamlining our data flow, honing our services and polishing up the chrome on our business practices. We stay right where our clients and their roadside assistance customers expect us to be. Out front.

Kindness can't be computerized

When you're driven, customer service cannot be reduced to a prerecorded conversation from an automated phone bank. That's why we quickly get roadside assistance end users in touch with a living, breathing human being — a person who can feel your pain. Someone who is onsite, part of our organization and committed to our goals. That's why instead of outsourcing our calls, we hire people who will be accountable, people who excel at human kindness. Smart, helpful, professionals who treat every call like they are assisting a loved one.

The client comes first

When you're driven, good enough is never good enough. Excellence is all you know. That's why when you ask us a question, we'll give you an answer – or we'll find the right person who can. We'll pull up a chair, roll up our sleeves and do everything in our power to understand your business goals and satisfy your needs. After all, our passion is your purpose. And we never forget that.

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