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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Roadside Assistance with a Difference

Driven Solutions is not your typical roadside assistance provider. Prepackaged, off-the-shelf solutions have their place. Just not here. Our solutions are custom-tailored to deliver results.

“Our team of roadside assistance professionals brings to bear 60+ years of experience and insight to every situation. We tailor our roadside products to deliver the perfect business solution for your company's unique set of needs.”

Staley Cash, Executive Vice President, Operations
Driven Solutions

Hand-tailored for your customers needs

Because we’re driven, we do things a little differently. Throughout the years, Driven Solutions has gained a reputation for nimbleness in the roadside assistance and automotive protection categories. We are quick to listen and fast on the uptake. This has enabled us to tailor our ancillary roadside assistance, automotive protection, custom travel clubs, secondary towing, heavy duty roadside and travel protection products to meet the unique needs of corporate clients. We have put together programs for for a variety of industries: auto manufacturers, insurance companies, insurance agencies, consumer finance, commercial trucking and fleet, government and more. For example, many of our roadside assistance and automotive protection programs include valuable add-on services like mechanic expert opinion lines, car rental, hotel/motel discounts, trip routing, emergency airline or train service and reimbursement assistance. Plus, we can even help you tailor a plan that encompasses fleet management logistics, vehicle shuttling and more. Just let us know what you are looking for. We’ll put together the perfect program to fit your specific goals and needs.

Ancillary Roadside Assistance customized to fit your business

We’re driven to please. Driven to customize ancillary roadside assistance programs to fit your customers’ needs and your company’s bottom line. We’re ready to deliver a multitude of roadside programs with the precise features you need. Programs like secondary towing, heavy duty towing, custom auto clubs, trip routing, paintless dent repair and more. We have towing or comprehensive roadside assistance clubs for the automotive or consumer finance customer, logistic services and heavy duty roadside for the government and commercial trucking entity and secondary towing for the insurance client.

Customer Service that really cares for your customers

A complete selection of ancillary roadside assistance services are only as good as the customer service that you put behind it. The Driven Solutions customer service team is composed of living, breathing, caring human beings. Not some faceless, automated voicemail system. Our customer service experts are available 24/7 to compassionately guide your customers through their roadside dilemma and to dispatch help in a timely manner.

Serving Canada, the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Our ancillary roadside assistance services are fully licensed coast-to-coast and beyond. So if you are looking for a partner who can customize our roadside and collision assistance services to fit your specific needs, look no further. 

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