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Personal Auto Light-Duty Vehicles

Private Passenger vehicles are evolving at a rapid rate, specifically around the technology inside of them.  Recent studies have revealed that 67% of consumers are highly concerned with the technology the car offers.  They are looking for vehicles with navigation, collision avoidance systems and auto-parking features for one main reason – peace of mind.  This market trend is consistent with the value a Roadside Assistance program provides.  Roadside assistance can retain its appeal across Senior’s, Boomers, and Millennials alike.  Just like the technology in a car that is providing safety, speed, accuracy and ease of use, our Roadside Assistance programs stand out and provide those same values to the end consumer.

Our Roadside Assistance programs can be completely customized depending on what our client’s needs are.  From the benefit level to the amount of services covered per term, we allow our clients to decide what works best for their customers.  Our 24/7 Call Center agents offer a high communication skills level to ensure ease for the caller and a prompt dispatch process, offering the most efficient service available across the country.

The value proposition of a roadside assistance product is higher than ever been before.  From our client’s perspective, it is an opportunity to have a very meaningful touch point with a customer and turn a negative into a positive while imprinting a permanent ‘wow-factor’ upon them.  From a customer’s perspective, market research continues to find roadside assistance as a product with a very high perceived value to consumers; and this is because it is a product that provides peace of mind and a sense of safety.

Our suite of valuable ancillary motor club benefits give us the ability to build a custom motor club product that will truly help differentiate our clients offering in the marketplace; and with more than 50 years of  experience our clients can always be comfortable knowing their  programs and products meet all regulatory requirements.

Commercial Heavy Duty Vehicles

With a Commercial Heavy Duty working vehicle, downtime translates into loss or revenue for a
business owner, and it is imperative that the disabled vehicle be responded to in an efficient and
timely manner, to ensure it is back on the road as quickly as possible. Minimizing errors when the
clock is ticking for our Commercial Heavy Duty clients is critical, which is why significant
investments have been made over the years in our service provider network to recruit towing, road
service and mobile repair companies that have the equipment and staff to handle the most diverse
commercial vehicles on the road today from Class 1 – 8 including Light, Medium, Heavy and Super
Duty commercial vehicles.
The value of a Roadside Assistance program in the Commercial Heavy Duty space is perhaps even
higher than the Private Passenger space because of the following:
Towing and roadside assistance for commercial vehicles can be very expensive for a business owner
when they are dealing with retail towing companies.
Protection for commercial business owners by providing peace of mind to them and their
employees while on the road for work related tasks / functions.
No unexpected costs for the driver which is common in the commercial market today.
The best medium and heavy duty commercial towing network in the industry.

Recreational Vehicles

Driven Solutions is an experienced Recreational Vehicle (RV) roadside assistance provider and
one of the first motor clubs to provide a roadside assistance program completely tailored for
the RV marketplace. Our service provider network and systems have been customized to
accommodate this niche space. From having a repair facility network, RV technicians
answering the phones, mobile tire and battery delivery to get the RV customer back on the
road faster, and multiple benefit options to accommodate any RV client or customer; Driven
Solutions took the time to build robust processes and services to become a clear leader in the
RV roadside assistance marketplace. As is always the case with Driven Solutions, the various
customizations made to accommodate the RV sector were always meant to drive efficiency,
speed and accuracy for our clients while improving customer service and retention.
Driven Solutions has the ability to provide the most robust RV offering in the roadside
assistance industry today. We have the most extensive provider network throughout North
America with the ability to service customers in even the most remote areas of the United
States and Canada.
In addition to our best-in-class towing and road service benefits, we offer our RV clients the
ability to incorporate our Mobile Mechanic services which involve an on-site repair, so the
customer can get back on the road as quickly as possible. We also provide tire and battery
delivery / replacement assistance, as well as assistance for the trailer being pulled by the
RV. Additionally, we provide winching and towing assistance for boats that are on a trailer.
We also have an RV Technical Assistance hotline which helps the customer with solving
technical RV problems as well as help the customer make an appointment with a local

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